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The largest city of Sicily is a lively tourist, commercial and cultural center. Its architecture carries European and Arab influences, and the local restaurants are famous for the best seafood in all of Italy.

At the turn of the first and second millennium, Palermo, like the whole of Sicily, was under Arab rule. The Arabs were defeated by the Normans, who began the process of creating new city buildings. They used the models of their predecessors, as well as their builders and architects. Thanks to this, the medieval monuments of the city have Arabic features and as such were entered on the UNESCO list. The following centuries brought the city more and more wealth and significance, which translated into its buildings. The local baroque churches and palaces from the time when Sicily was a separate kingdom under the Bourbon rule are not inferior to those known from mainland Italy.

In addition to beautiful architecture, Palermo also has picturesque parks and gardens. The most famous of them is the botanical garden founded in the 18th century and consisting of zones presenting plants living in different climates on Earth. Right next to the city there is a rocky and Mediterranean grove, Cape Gallo, where you can walk and admire the views of the sea. In the evening, residents and tourists are waiting for restaurants and bars open until late, serving local specialties such as pasta with sardines and seafood.

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