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There is no less "Italian" city in Italy than Turin. Although it has the opinion of an industrial city, it is not without interesting monuments and attractions. The city is famous primarily for the famous Shroud stored in the local cathedral, Fiat car production and the Juventus team.

Turin was founded in the 1st century BC, but it came to great importance only during the Renaissance. Then it became the seat of the Savoy dynasty and the capital of Piedmont. In the nineteenth century, he played a large role in the process of unification of Italy and in 1961-1865 was even the capital of the state. Until World War I, it remained the cultural capital of Italy and was also the only center of secession development on the Apennine Peninsula.

The most important monument of the city is the Gothic-Renaissance cathedral dedicated to John the Baptist. One of the most important relics of Christianity, the Shroud of Turin, is kept there, which is exposed to public view only on special occasions. Another important point on the city map is the Royal Palace erected in the 17th century and, along with other residences of the Savoy dynasty, entered on the UNESCO list. In addition to these two places within the old town, there are many baroque and classicist tenements and palaces and churches with richly decorated interiors.

Turin is also an important place for people who like to visit museums. The Egyptian Museum and the National Museum of Cinematography are particularly well-known. Automotive enthusiasts should head to the National Automobile Museum, where you can see, among others, a collection of various Fiat models.

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