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Called "the red city" because of its brick buildings, Bologna is known primarily for the fact that the world's first university was founded here. However, walking around the old town you can also find other interesting monuments, including beautiful palaces, churches and covered arcades.

In 1088, the first university in the world was established in Bologna, which became a model for later universities throughout Europe. For centuries, the city has become one of the scientific centers of the world and has retained its university and student character to this day. You can still see the old college buildings that remind you of this heritage.

Developing particularly dynamically during the Middle Ages and the revival, Bologna impresses with its coherent architecture built of red brick. Among other Italian cities, it is distinguished by the existence of residential and defensive towers, some of which are inhabited to this day. At the main square, Piazza Maggiore, stands the city's pride, the Basilica of Saint Petronius, one of the largest churches in Europe. Built for almost 300 years, it has Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque features. In Bologna, city squares and streets are connected by characteristic covered passages called portals or arcades. There are over 80 km within the old city.

Bologna is also a great gourmet stop. The cuisine here, although quite fatty, is well known to lovers of good food. In 2017, the Fico education and entertainment park dedicated to food was opened in the city. You can learn the secrets of the creation of Italian traditional products, take part in workshops, and also visit one of several dozen restaurants and grocery stores.

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