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Calabria is the southernmost region lying on the Italian "shoe". Next is only the island of Sicily. It is washed by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas, and on the coast is one of the most popular resorts of the Italian south, Tropea.

The interior of the region is mountainous and very sparsely populated. Beautiful landscapes with limestone mountains, vast meadows and deep river valleys are the setting for small villages and abandoned towns, from which the population moved to more friendly and richer areas. The most famous Calabrian ghost town is Cirella Vecchia.

The region's coasts are very diverse. There are plenty of bays, rocky cliffs, but also sandy beaches. Tropea is the most famous resort, but in recent years, Reggio di Calabria has been chasing it more and more with the picturesque promenade of Lungomare, Scilla and Diamante.

Diamante is also known for the fact that after the Second World War, an artistic colony operated here, whose members created murals on the walls of houses on various subjects. For art lovers, Cosenza is also a good place, where, in addition to numerous galleries, there is also an open-air museum presenting sculptures of contemporary artists, including Salvator Dali.

In the mountainous interior of the region, the towns of Rossano, Scalea and Stila are also worth a visit. The first is located in a small valley and impresses with white buildings, while the other two look like attached to steep mountain slopes.

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