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Abruzzo is located on the Adriatic Sea, in the central part of Italy, it is occupied by the Apennines and sandy beaches stretch along the entire coast. It is a region famous for small towns and excellent places for active tourism.

The province combines mountains, seaside beaches, and ski resorts in winter. The holiday resorts here are not as crowded as those in the north of Italy, and the beaches are in no way inferior to them. They are wide and sandy, and in the vicinity of Pescara, Montesilvano and Tortoreto they also have excellent development. There are also lonely places on the coast, where you can relax in coves without crowds.

The slopes of the Apennines rise above the coast. In Abruzzo is the highest peak of this mountain group, Corno Grande with a height of 2912 m above sea level. Numerous walking routes have been led through the protected areas of the Apennines. In winter, there are ski resorts here. The most famous are Campo Imperatore, Ovindoli, Roccaraso.

Abruzzo is sometimes called the Italian Holy Land. In the mountains and towns you can see several hundred historic monasteries and churches. The region's well-known shrines include Lanciano associated with the Eucharistic miracle, Manoppello, where the shroud with the face of Christ is stored, and Campli with a replica of the Holy Steps from Jerusalem.

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