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Romania, despite its potential, still remains an unpopular holiday destination. This country boasts unique monuments on the border of East and West culture, the Black Sea coast with numerous resorts, mountains with a network of hiking trails and ski resorts, and excellent cuisine.

Transylvania is the most-visited tourist region of Romania, also known as Transylvania. Cities built by German and Hungarian settlers such as Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Alba Iulia, Mediaș or UNESCO-listed Sighișoara have many interesting monuments. In the region, you can also see the famous fortified churches of which the most famous stand in the towns of Biertan, Harman and Prejmer and numerous castles, including Râ Zameknov and the Castle Dracula, considered to be the headquarters of Bran.

The northern part of Romania is occupied by two lands: Maramuresz and Bukowina, which are the refuge of rural construction. The most important of the local monuments are the wooden churches of Maramures and painted monasteries of Bucovina. Many of them are inscribed on the UNESCO list, such as monasteries in Voroneț, Sucevița, Moldovițaczy Humor and churches in Barsana, Ieud, Budești and Șurdești.

To the south of Transylvania is Wallachia, which borders the capital of the country of Bucharest. Fragments of the Old Town with several churches and ruins of the prince's court have been preserved here. The most famous building of the capital is the powerful Palace of Parliament. In Wallachia, there is the UNESCO-listed Horezu monastery, the city of Curtea de Argeș, full of monuments, and the former capital city of Târgoviște.

The Romanian coast is divided into two parts. The northern part is occupied by the extensive Danube Delta. It is one of the largest waterfowl refuges in Europe. In turn, the southern part is a strip of sandy beaches, at which seaside resorts such as Mamaja or Eforie Nord were created.

The central part of Romania is occupied by the massive arch of the Carpathians. It is very diverse in terms of landscape, from the post-northern or forested mountains of the Rodniański and Marmaroskie mountains to the alpine nature of Fogarasze and Retezat.

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