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Local name: Tâmpa

The mountain is part of the Postăvarul massif. It is approx. 960 m high and is almost entirely surrounded by the buildings of the city of Brasov, over which it towers by nearly 400 m. A significant part of the mountain is a nature reserve, known for its population of bears and numerous butterflies, constituting approx. 35% of all Romanian species.

Numerous tourist routes have been marked out on the slopes of the mountain. There are over 20 paths leading to the top, some of which were marked out in the second half of the 19th century. It was then that Tâmpa gained popularity among tourists from Romania and all over Europe. You can also get to the top by a gondola lift. At its upper station there is a restaurant with a panoramic view of the entire city and the surrounding area.

It is worth paying attention to the characteristic white inscription "Braşov" on one of the slopes of the mountain. It refers stylistically to the famous inscription "Hollywood".


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