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Sturdza Castle

Local name: Castelul Sturdza

The neo-Gothic castle of Sturdza was built between 1880 and 1904 in the village of Miclăușeni. Currently, it belongs to the Metropolitan Church of Moldova and Bukovina and is part of the Miclăușeni monastery complex. The complex also includes an 18th-century church and a 19th-century park.

The castle was built on the site of an older residence dating back to the 17th century. It was designed on the model of western feudal castles in the neo-Gothic style with baroque elements. Internal stairs, doors, windows and paneling are made of oak, lime and pine wood. They are richly decorated, carved and polished.

The castle housed a collection of valuable books and documents, numbering about 60,000 volumes, as well as collections of antique weapons, jewelry, costumes and works of art. During World War II, a significant part of the collection was either removed or destroyed.


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