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Turda Salt Mine

Local name: Salina Turda

The history of the mine dates back to the 13th century, and the records of salt mining in this area date back to Roman times. Currently, the mine is used only for museum, tourist and therapeutic purposes. During the tour you can see, among others well-preserved workings and mining machines.

In the Terezia Adit, there is an underground lake, the depth of which reaches 8 m. There is a salt island on it, on which spectacular, illuminated structures have been built. You can ride a rented boat on the lake. The second of the main caves, Rudolf Adit, has been converted into an amusement park. There is a ferris wheel, mini-golf course, billiards and table tennis. There is also a small amphitheater where cultural events take place.

The salt mining ended in 1932. During the Second World War, the mine was used as an air-raid shelter for the town's inhabitants. In 1950-92, some of the rooms were used as a cheese warehouse.


Attractions inside

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    Aleea Durgăului 7401106 Turda , Romania