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Turda Gorge

Local name: Cheile Turzii

The picturesque gorge was created by the erosion of limestone rocks as a result of the water of the Hășdate River. It is 1,300 m long and the height of its walls ranges from 200 to 300 m. It has a typical karst landscape with steep cliffs, stone towers, rocky valleys and caves. The latter are about 60, and the longest is 120 m long.

There are over a thousand species of plants and animals in the gorge. Among the vegetation, we can distinguish buttercups, iris, valerian and grapevine garlic. Among the animals, you can find wild boars, roe deer, foxes, as well as numerous birds and butterflies.

There are several walking and climbing routes within the canyon. There are four bridges from which you can observe the course of the Hășdate River and the steep slopes covered with vegetation.


Attractions inside

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