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Targu Ocna Salt Mine

Local name: Salina Târgu Ocna

The Ocna Market Salt Mine is one of the two deep salt mines in the Moldavian region. It has an extensive tourist base, consisting of sightseeing routes and an underground space with a playground for children, a buffet, a restaurant and exhibitions of works of art made of lumps of salt.

There is an underground church dedicated to St. Warwarze, patron saint of miners. It houses a valuable wooden iconostasis with 24 icons. Fragments of the iconostasis, pews, altar and several smaller objects of worship were made of salt.

There is also an outdoor saltwater pool next to the mine. In the summer season, there are sun loungers and umbrellas around it. You can also take advantage of showers, changing rooms and spa rooms.


Attractions inside

    Targu Ocna Salt Mine map
    605600 Târgu Ocna , Romania