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Târgu Ocna is a small town that has been associated with salt mining since the Middle Ages. The historic mine is one of its most important attractions. Additionally, the city surroundings are very attractive in terms of landscape and offer many excursion possibilities.

The name of the town translates as a salt mine, which proves how important this branch of the economy was for the town. Both in the past and today, it is the most important salt mining site in Moldova. The historic part of the Târgu Ocna salt mine is open to the public.

The city center is peaceful and quiet, with a dozen or so old houses preserved. However, modern buildings dominate the entire development. Above them are the domes of two churches, the Church of the Annunciation and the Church of the Assumption .

The town is situated in a valley, surrounded by mountains covered with forests. They hide many picturesque paths and viewpoints, which can be reached both by marked trails and paths. An interesting attraction in the vicinity of the Ocna Market is the Monastery of Măgura Ocnei standing among forests.

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