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Cișmigiu Gardens

Local name: Parcul Cișmigiu

The picturesque park was founded in 1847. It is the largest and oldest public park in the country. Among the green alleys there is a lake with a fountain, a stream with several bridges and colorful flower beds. You can sail on the lake in rented boats. Ducks and swans often appear here.

There are numerous monuments in the park. Here you can see the stone busts of twelve outstanding Romanian writers. The marble monument from 1922 commemorates the French soldiers who died during the First World War. Another granite monument is dedicated to the memory of 378 American soldiers killed in Romania during World War II. In addition, the park also has a monument to George Panu, a Romanian journalist and politician.

The park was designed by the German architect CFW Meyer in a style reminiscent of the then American parks and gardens. Its name comes from the Turkish language and means the person responsible for building and maintaining fountains.


Attractions inside

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