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Râșnov Fortress

Local name: Cetatea Râșnov

The fortress rising on the hill above the city is called peasant castle. It served not as a residential residence, but as a place of refuge for the local rural population who maintained and developed it. It is one of the best preserved locks of this type in Europe.

The fortress consists of an upper castle and a lower castle. In the area of the latter, the remains of a medieval chapel were found. In the upper castle there was a newer chapel, a school and several dozen houses, of which about thirty survived in good condition. There is also a viewpoint from which you can observe the entire area.

The fortress is surrounded by a wall measuring 5 m in height and 3 towers. The main entrance led through the Batory Tower, which was only partially preserved. The castle can only be accessed from the south, the other walls are located directly above the 150 m high rock cliffs.


Attractions inside

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    Strada Cetății 17505400 Râșnov Romacril , Romania