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Dâmbovicioara Cave

Local name: Peștera Dâmbovicioara

The cave is located in the southern part of the Piatra Craiului massif, on the left side of the Dâmbovicioara valley. It measures 555 m long and is fully open to the public. The passage is 3-4 m wide and 4-5 m high, while it narrows about 150 m from the entrance. A few small branches depart from it.

The cave was created as a result of the waters of the stream of the same name. It is worth noting, however, that today it is called dry cave. This means that the stream that created it has changed its course and is now flowing in a different channel. Compared to other similar caves, there are few limestone forms here, but the temperature inside is relatively high - it ranges from 10 to 12 ° C.

The cave can be reached on foot from the nearby village of the same name as the cave. A path measuring about 1 kilometer in length leads to it.


Attractions inside

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