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Hunedoara Castle

Local name: Castelul Corvinilor

The Middle Ages, a Gothic-Renaissance castle was built on the site of older fortifications from the 12th-13th century. It is one of the largest castles in Europe and has been inscribed on the List of Seven Wonders of Romania. It is also considered one of the best examples of Gothic defensive architecture in the historical area of Hungary.

The castle served as a fortified royal residence. While visiting it, special attention should be paid to the Knight's Hall, the Council Hall and the spiral staircase. The rooms were built on a rectangular plan and are richly decorated. The stonework in the Knights' Hall is considered a masterpiece of Hungarian Gothic architecture. In the eastern part of the building you can also see the castle chapel, thoroughly rebuilt in the 17th century

The fortress was protected by two rings of defensive walls and a dozen or so towers. Originally, the castle could be reached via drawbridges, but they have not survived to modern times.


Attractions inside

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