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Hunedoara is a city overshadowed by the mighty medieval castle of Hunyadych and Corvinus, one of the most important monuments of Romania. The city lying at its feet, although there are no more such magnificent buildings, it is a nice place for a stopover.

The city was founded in the 14th century by Hungarian settlers, but over 100 years earlier a small fortress stood on one of the local hills. It was expanded in the 15th century by Jan Hunyady, who inherited the city after the death of his father, a local nobleman. The later regent of Hungary and the ruler of Transylvania built a powerful late Gothic castle in Hunedoara, and his son, Maciej Korwin, gave it Renaissance features. Hundedoara Castle was for centuries a symbol of Hungarian rule over Transylvania. Currently, its replica, Vajdahunyad Castle, can be viewed in Budapest.

Despite the long history, there are not many valuable monuments in Hunedor to this day. Besides the castle, the main attraction of Hunedoara is the Church of St. Nicholas , Cathedral of St. Emperors Constantine and Helen and several historic villas. It was caused by the rapid industrial development that lasted from the mid-19th century. The final destruction of the traditional buildings took place after World War II, when the city was transformed into a mining and metallurgical complex. Currently, a large part of the former industrial installations has been dismantled and normal city life has returned to the center.

In Hunedoara you can also visit the Museum of History and Ethnography and the Valentina Banciu Train Museum run by a railway enthusiast. The Cincis Lake is a popular holiday destination in the vicinity.

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