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Tower of Oradea City Hall

Local name: Turnul Primăriei Oradea

The Oradea City Hall Tower was built in the neoclassical style according to the design of the architect Rimanoche Kalman Jr. Its construction took two years - from 1902 to 1903. The tower is almost 60 m high and has 4 main floors, 3 of which are panoramic. Stairs consisting of 250 steps lead to its top.

On the first and lowest level there is a clockwork. From the second level you can see the city panorama from the height of 33.85 m. The third level is located 7 m higher. On the top floor, in the form of an open terrace, a telescope has been installed, which allows you to observe the entire Oradea. Due to the small area, only 5 people can stay here at the same time.


Attractions inside

    Tower of Oradea City Hall map
    Strada Tudor Vladimirescu nr.2410100 Oradea , Romania