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number 2 in the city

Black Eagle Palace

Local name: Palatul Vulturul Negru

The historic palace is the most important and largest Art Nouveau building in the city. It was built in 1907-1908 according to the design of the architects Dezső Jakaba and Marcella Komora. It consists of three asymmetrical blocks with decorative facades. Currently, they house clubs, cafes, restaurants, a hotel and offices.

The building consists of a high ground floor and four floors. Between the individual blocks of the building there are glass, stained-glass passages. The façade on one side of the palace is asymmetric, strongly Art Nouveau, and on the other, more orderly. It is crowned with a stained glass window with a black eagle, from 1909, from which the complex takes its name.

The interior is richly decorated, it is worth paying attention to the decorative ceilings and vaults, balustrades, columns and stained glass windows. There are many floral and zoomorphic themes here. At the time of opening, the palace housed two spacious rooms, a cafe, a cinema and 75 hotel rooms.


Attractions inside

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    Strada Independenței nr.5 Oradea , Romania