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The capital of Great Britain is one of the most visited cities in the world by tourists, as well as one of the global financial centers. A city with a long and rich history, which is symbolized by well-known landmarks such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and St. Stephen's Cathedral. Paweł is also attracted by top-class museums, with the British Museum in the forefront and contemporary attractions, the most important of which are the London Eye and the Wax Museum.

Since the early Middle Ages, London, close to the Thames estuary, developed as a commercial port and a center for trade in goods. To this day, the famous docks where you can see historic ships and their replicas are a reminder of these times. Trade, trade with colonies and a well-developed fleet were assets that gave the city and the royal treasury huge revenues. This translated into the buildings of the city, which consists of magnificent buildings from different eras.

The axis of London is the Thames. On its banks you can see the most famous buildings of the city, including the Tower Fortress and the neighboring Tower Bridge, Westminster buildings with the famous Big Ben clock, the cathedral of St. Paweł or the completely modern London Eye, from which you can admire the city's panorama from the gondola. A little further from the river are the residence of British monarchs - Buckingham Palace with surrounding parks, as well as representative squares and former admiralty and army buildings. It is here that the guard ceremony is one of the attractions of the city every day at noon.

London is also great museums, whose collections were imported from around the world. The collection of ancient monuments in the British Museum is one of the greatest in the world, as are the National Gallery paintings and handicrafts collections shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Fans of contemporary art can direct their steps to the Tate Gallery and dozens of other galleries.

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