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Tower of London

The Tower of London, or Her Majesty's Palace and Fortress, was built in 1078. The White Tower is an important element of the building, where there is now an armory and a gallery of weapons, as well as a treasury. The royal jewels are kept there, including the scepter with the world's largest diamond, Cullinan I.

Over the centuries, the London Tower was a palace, fortress, prison. Many executions have been carried out here. He lost here, among others Tomasz Morus and Anna Boleyn. Legends say that her spirit walks the walls at night. For 600 years, the fortress was also inhabited by exotic animals, which were mostly gifts from other European rulers.

The symbol of the fortress are ravens. Legend has it that the British Empire will last as long as the birds inhabit the fortress. Guards called Yeomen Warders take care of the Tower and the crows. They are also referred to as "beef eaters" because the first guards were guaranteed meat rations.

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