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Hampton Court

Hampton Palace in East Molesey, historic home of Henry VIII. The residence has been owned by the royal family since 1528. The facility is open to the public as a museum. At Hampton Court we can admire 120 hectares of parks and gardens, including private gardens, a hunting park, a recreation park or a garden labyrinth.

In the thirteenth century, the palace belonged to the Knights of St. John and there were farm buildings here. From 1505, the residence was the property of the nobility, and over time it gained status, becoming an element of court life. In 1838, Queen Victoria decided to open the palace to visitors, since from the age of Hampton Court he was not inhabited by monarchs.

Today it is a place full of attractions, listing even the annual gardening exhibition. In addition, Hampton Court organizes themed events in the style of the sixteenth-century royal England, live performances and concerts, and in winter we can go ice skating.


Attractions inside

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