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Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the world's largest royal palace, which since 1837 has been the official seat of the British rulers. Built in 1703, is an example of baroque architecture. When the monarch resides in the palace, the royal banner blazes on the roof.

Initially, the palace was the residence of John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham, hence his name. Over the years it has been rebuilt several times. The building in its present form was the first to be inhabited by Queen Victoria, thanks to which the residence has acquired a homely atmosphere. She thought, among other things. about rooms for children and guests. The palace has 77 thousand. meters of living space. It has over 600 chambers, including almost 200 bedrooms and over 70 bathrooms. These magnificent interiors can be visited in August and September, when the royal family goes on holiday.

On the square in front of the palace is the marble monument of Queen Victoria by Thomas Brock, a monument of the first degree. It is a great observation point when a ceremonial change of guard is held at 11:30 in front of the palace.


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