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Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market is London's most famous market. The first mention of a great market in this area comes from 1654. The current building was built on the initiative of John Russell, the sixth Duke of Bedford, who in 1828 applied for "improvement and regulation of the Covent Garden market." The act passed, thanks to which it was possible to remove spontaneous stalls and build a modern market hall.

The design of the Covent Garden building was entrusted to Charles Fowler (1792-1867). The architect applied revolutionary solutions at that time: he almost completely abandoned styling and decoration, focused on functionality. The works started in 1830 and the building was put into use eight years later.

John Russell paid 61,000 to build the Covent Garden Market pounds. The investment turned out to be very profitable. The building has survived to this day in virtually unchanged form.


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