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The Czech capital, Prague is one of the most attractive cities in Europe in terms of tourism. The magnificent Old Town, the royal castle towering on the hill with the cathedral of St. Vitus and the Charles Bridge connecting them over the Vltava waters are pictures that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

At the beginning of the 9th century, in the place of today's Hradčany, Przemyślida founded the capital of their country. The growing stronghold leaned on the Vltava, but soon crossed it. After establishing the New Town and connecting both banks with a bridge, Prague was the largest city north of the Alps in the 14th century. The city's duality visible in its buildings has survived to this day. Monumental, standing on the hill Hrad is a royal and episcopal city, with the Palace extended until the Habsburg times and the soaring towers of the Cathedral of St. Wit. Deep inside the courtyards, slightly hidden from view, there are other wonderful monuments of this area, the Romanesque basilica of St. George or the picturesque Golden Street, where alchemists lived in the past, and later Franz Kafka.

The foot of Hrad, whose slopes are overgrown with beautiful gardens, Mała Strana and the Old Town located on the other side of the Charles Bridge are already a bourgeois town. Narrow streets, tenement houses with Renaissance, Baroque and Classicist facades, Gothic and Baroque churches and, above all, a huge market square with the town hall, on the wall of which the astronomical Orloj clock was placed, are places filled with tourists at any time of the year. From here, only a few steps to the wide pedestrian street Vaclavske Namestie with fashionable shops and restaurants, which is finished with a monumental building of the National Museum.

If you want to get to know a little different Prague, you should go to Josefov, a former Jewish district that was one of the few in Europe that survived World War II almost without damage.

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