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Kampa Park

Local name: Kampa

Kampa is an artificial island in the heart of Prague, in the vicinity of the Charles Bridge. Its buildings are primarily eighteenth and nineteenth century houses, which today houses hotels and restaurants. Kampa is a popular place to rest. Its southern part is occupied by a park, where concerts and outdoor events take place. There is also the famous John Lennon Wall on the island, on which everyone can leave a message to the world.

Kampa was established in the place where the artificial Certovka channel flows into the Vltava, which was used in the past to power the mills. It has always been an oasis of greenery in the city center, and with time the place where comfortable residences were built by wealthy burghers. Today, several dozen Prague residents live here. Other buildings occupy accommodation and catering facilities.

The southern part of the island is occupied by a park. In the mill standing on the banks of the river there is the Kampa Museum gathering contemporary art.


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