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Castle Bezděz

Local name: Státní hrad Bezděz

The royal Bezděz castle is one of the most important Czech monuments built in the Gothic style. For visitors are available, among others grounds of the original upper castle, together with the early Gothic chapel, the royal palace, burgrave's seat and a large part of the defensive walls. Important attractions are also the Devil's Tower, the Way of the Cross with baroque chapels and the Great Tower with a knight's hall, serving as a viewpoint.

The castle was built in the 13th century as a royal seat. Its construction began in 1264 and was completed in 1278. The fortress is located on a hill with a height of 604 meters, thanks to which during good weather the peaks of the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains are visible.

Bezděz is called the "king of castles". It has not undergone any significant reconstruction, so it can be admired in almost unchanged condition for centuries. He is associated with many secrets and legends. It was here that Queen Kunhuta was imprisoned with her son, the future Czech king Wenceslaus II.


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