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Ruins of Valečov Castle

Local name: Zřícenina hradu Valečov

The ruins of Valecov Castle stand on a rock, among the woods. It is a medieval stronghold made of stone, partly hollowed out of rock. It consists of a massive tower preserved to this day, remains of defensive walls and rock rooms.

The castle, initially wooden, was built at the beginning of the 14th century. Its owners belonged to supporters of Jan Hus and Jan Zizka. Hussites found shelter in the castle. This led to the burning of the stronghold in 1439. In the 15th century the castle was rebuilt, this time from stone. It served defensive purposes until the 17th century. In the nineteenth century, local poverty lived in its cellars and rooms hollowed out in the rocks.

Currently, the ruins can be visited. They stand on a narrow, steep rock. The buildings used to occupy the entire ridge in the past. Today only part of them with the tower and the elongated residential building have survived. Below the former utility rooms and servants' flats are visible in the rocks.


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