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Valdštejn Castle

Local name: Hrad Valdštejn

The fortress, which was built around 1260 by Jaroslav of Hruštice from the Markvartic family. Until 1380, the castle belonged to the property of the Valdštejn family, and then it was bought by the gentlemen of Vartenberk. Subsequent changes of owners in the fifteenth century contributed to the division of the castle into two fortresses. Soon the castle was abandoned and fell into ruin. The abandoned and devastated castle again became the property of the Valdštejn family and remained in their hands for the next 200 years.

In the 18th century, the building became a place of pilgrimage due to its picturesque location. In the first half of the 19th century, the Lexes of Aehrenthal became the new owners of the rock residence. They rebuilt the building into a romantic style. In addition, they created a network of tourist routes, built lookouts, the Sedmihorky spa and made the castle available to visitors.

Currently, the former Valdštejn fortress is owned by the city of Turnov.


Attractions inside

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