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Castle Trosky

Local name: Hrad Trosky

Trosky Castle can be admired by visiting the popular Bohemian Paradise region. Two Gothic towers dominate in its block - Virgo and Baba. Tourists visiting this place can also admire the well-preserved castle entrance gates and the extensive view of the surrounding area.

The upper tower called the Virgin measures 57 meters, the lower, which is Baba - 47. In the past they were connected with each other by a defensive wall. In its heyday, the castle was one of the most magnificent strongholds in the area. It was built on high basalt rocks at the end of the fourteenth century, on the order of the Czech nobleman Čenka from Vartemberk.

The stronghold turned into ruin during the Thirty Years War, then it was burned and ceased to perform any defensive functions. In the nineteenth century, both ruins and an excellent viewing site were appreciated by tourists, a walking trail was created here.


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