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Bozkov Dolomite Cave

Local name: Bozkovské dolomitové jeskyně

Bozkov Dolomite Caves belong to the most visited places in Bohemian Paradise. Caverns over 1000 meters long are the largest known cave system in northeastern Bohemia. You can see here, among others The Pirate Corridor, the Zbójnicka Cave and interesting stalactite formations with interesting names - White Mouse, Rococo Doll or House of Gingerbread. At the bottom of the cave there is also the largest Czech underground lake with characteristic blue-green water.

The existence of caves in Bozkov was discovered completely by accident in 1947. Since 1968, the caves have been open to the public, and in 1999 they were recognized as a national natural monument. The route is sometimes quite demanding, and the temperature (no matter how warm it is outside) fluctuates around 7-8 ° C. Since the tour takes about 45 minutes, it is recommended to take warm clothes and proper preparation.


Attractions inside

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