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Museum of Glass and Jewelery

Local name: Muzeum skla a bižuterie

The Glass and Jewelry Museum is housed in the Art Nouveau building of the former Zimmer und Schmidt export company. There are three exhibitions The Enchanted World of Jewelry, Seven Centuries of Czech Glass and Jewelry of Three Millennia. You can see goldsmith's products from Jablonec and the surrounding area, glassware, including beads, buttons, artistic and utility glass, as well as jewelry from excavations.

The museum was established to familiarize visitors with centuries-old traditions of the Czech glass industry. It also shows jewelery whose production in northern Bohemia dates back to prehistoric times. Exhibitions give you the opportunity to look at the variety of forms and changes that have occurred throughout history in fashion and techniques for making glass and jewelry.

The exhibitions show both products traditionally associated with glass, such as vases, tableware and household glassware, as well as figurines, ornaments made of glass and wardrobe items. The museum exhibition is also focused on jewelry. You can admire prehistoric stone jewelry, beaded necklaces, the first metal products, as well as a cross-section of artistic craftsmanship, from necklaces to rings, brooches and cufflinks to heavy belts from different periods of time.


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