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Botanical Garden of Liberec

Local name: Botanická zahrada Liberec

The botanical garden in Liberec was founded in 1876 and is the oldest place of this type in the Czech Republic. Here, you can admire over 9,000 species of exotic and native plants, of which 7,500 tropical and subtropical varieties grow in palm trees, and 1,500 in the garden. An attraction that complements the offer of the nearby ZOO is also the exhibition of aquariums with sea and freshwater fish.

There are as many as nine glass pavilions in the garden in Liberec, the work of architect Pavel Vaněček. each of them has been designed to "move" visitors to different regions of the world by creating conditions resembling natural for given plants. The exhibition also includes an outdoor rose garden, an Alpine, Oriental and rustic garden, as well as wetlands. This place also boasts of valuable orchids and carnivorous plants.


Attractions inside

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    Purkyňova 1460 01 Liberec , Czechia