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Technical Museum of Liberec

Local name: Technické muzeum Liberec

The Technical Museum in Liberec has been operating since 2014. His exhibition located in two pavilions on the exhibition grounds includes collections of cars, motorbikes, bicycles and rail vehicles, as well as an exhibition showing the past of the Liberec textile industry and a presentation of current industrial plants in the city.

The museum, although only a few years old, has a very rich collection of various technical devices. The first pavilion opened in 2014 is entirely dedicated to the automotive industry. You can see old cars, motorbikes, bicycles as well as trams and locomotives. Vehicle models from different periods of time were also collected here. Most of them present machines made in the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia.

The second pavilion was opened in 2017. It is devoted to the industrial traditions of Liberec. The main exhibition is related to the textile industry that has been developing here since the Middle Ages. Old machines, documents of local factories and their images were collected here. It also showed how work in these plants looked like. The second exhibition is a presentation that introduces the plants that operate today in Liberec. There is also a small exhibition dedicated to the School of Aviation Mechanics existing in Liberec right after the war.


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    Masarykova 5460 01 Liberec , Czechia