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Liberec Town Hall

Local name: Liberecká radnice

The town hall in Liberec is a beautiful, neo-renaissance building that is one of the city's symbols. It is open to visitors. The interior is made in the style of romantic historicism. When visiting this place, it is worth paying attention to stained glass, especially the personification of Liberec, a gift from the manufacturer baron Liebig. The Ceremonial Hall is worth visiting - richly decorated and paneled. There is a brass chandelier weighing 450 kilograms, brought from Berlin.

From the balcony of the town hall in Liberec they spoke among others Franz Josef I and presidents Edvard Beneš and Václav Havel. You can also visit the 65-meter tower, from which there is a panorama of the entire city and the surrounding mountain ranges. In 1891 a metal figure of a knight was placed on the top of the tower. Among the monuments located here is also one of the more famous allegories of the city - a wooden sculpture made under the supervision of Ferdinand Demetz from Tyrol.


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