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ZOO Liberec

Local name: Zoologická zahrada Liberec

The zoo in Liberec was established in 1919, which makes it the oldest in the Czech Republic. The zoo is famous for breeding white tigers. In addition, visitors can also see the exhibition of penguins, owls and birds of prey. African savannah animals are waiting for them here - elephants and giraffes as well as colorful flamingos and sociable monkeys.

White coloration in tigers is an extremely rare phenomenon, but they are not a separate subspecies, their color is associated with melanin deficiency. In the wild, they can only be found in subtropical forests. Interestingly, all individuals that live in zoos are descendants of one male - Mohman captured in the early nineteenth century.

On 13 hectares of the Liberec garden area, many other unique animals have also been gathered, including Somali donkeys, mantle baboons, bearded vulture, and spotted sheep. Many species bred here are threatened with extinction, which is why the zoo is committed to their protection.


Attractions inside

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    Lidové sady 1460 01 Liberec , Czechia