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Castle Kost

Local name: Hrad Kost

Kost Castle in Sobotka was built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries, it is a perfectly preserved Gothic stronghold. Its block is dominated by a 5-storey White Tower. While visiting the castle, you can see the armory with a collection of antique rifles and pistols, the chapel of St. Anna, the black kitchen, the Old Palace and the torture chamber.

The White Tower was built on the plan of an irregular quadrangle. It was an important element of the defensive walls. Its mansard roof dates from the eighteenth century. The oldest parts of the medieval fortress include: the Red Tower with a chapel and the Old Palace.

On the outskirts of the castle you can admire, among others 16th century brewery building and a baroque statue of Jan Nepomucen - patron of the Czech Republic.

The castle can be visited with a guide, some interesting routes have been prepared. For example, "From a fairy tale to a fairy tale" is a children's tour involving a visit to the princess' chamber. A walk to the torture chamber in the company of hangman Heřman is also offered.


Attractions inside

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    Podkost 507 43 Libošovice , Czechia