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Letna Park

Local name: Letenské sady

The largest park in Prague in the vicinity of the center on the hill Letna. The park houses numerous viewpoints, from which you can admire the panorama of the Old Town, Prague Castle and the Petřín hill. In the park there is also the National Museum of Technology, Hanavský pavilion with restaurant, Letensky castle, as well as pitches, among others. for hockey, skate park, tennis courts, playgrounds, and the world's oldest working carousel.

In the 1950's the entrance to the park decorated the world's largest monument to Joseph Stalin. The monument was demolished in the early 1960's, leaving only a marble pedestal, which has been a giant metronome since the 1990s.

In the days of Charles IV of Luxembourg, there were royal vineyards that had been destroyed in the war. By contrast, during the Velvet Revolution, the park was the site of a demonstration against the Communist authorities, which involved about 750,000 people.


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