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Convent of Saint Agnes

Local name: Klášter sv. Anežky České

Monastery of saint Agnieszka's in Prague is the first building erected in the Gothic style in the Czech Republic. Late Romanesque and Gothic styles blend in the building. In the monastery complex, among others, monastery gardens with exhibits of the National Gallery, churches of St. Francis and Saint. Salwator, chapel of the Mother of God and frescoes.

The monastery complex dedicated to St. Agnieszka was created thanks to the commitment of Saint. Agnieszka Czeska, who was the sister of King Wenceslaus I. The building was intended for the gathering of the Poor Clares, his first superior was Saint. Agnes. Works on the construction of the monastery lasted from 1223 to the eighties of the 13th century.

In later centuries a male Franciscan monastery was also built, together with the church of St. Francis and the church of St. Salvator for the women's assembly. A mausoleum of the Przemyślid dynasty was also established here, where King Wenceslaus I was buried, as well as many daughters and wives of Czech rulers, including the founder of the congregation of St. Agnieszka Czech.

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