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Jewish Museum - Robert Guttmann Gallery

Local name: Židovské muzeum - Galerie Robert Guttmann

The Jewish Museum in Prague was founded in 1906. For many years, he has familiarized visitors with the history, traditions and customs of Jews in Bohemia and Moravia, as well as more widely throughout Europe. Currently, it has one of the largest collections of Judaica in the world, which consists of over 40,000 exhibits and 100,000 books.

It is difficult to indicate the specific location of this amazing museum, because the tour includes a total of seven objects, as well as the Robert Guttmann gallery, a cafe and an educational center. The Jewish Museum is subject to the Synagogues of Maisel, Pinkas, Spanish and Klausowa, the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, the archives at the Smichov Synagogue and the Ritual Hall.

Despite many years of existence, the Jewish Museum in Prague still remains a modern, dynamically developing center of Jewish culture in Central Europe. Visitors are attracted not only by wonderful monuments, but also by the mysterious Prague ghetto, narrow streets of the old Jewish quarter and legends (especially the one about Golem).


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