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number 22 in the city

Spanish Synagogue

Local name: Španělská Synagoga

The Spanish Synagogue dates from the late nineteenth century. It was built in the Moorish-Spanish style. The interior is wonderfully decorated with geometric polychromes, the windows have colorful stained glass windows. The synagogue now houses an exhibition dedicated to the history of Jews in Bohemia and Moravia. You can see a collection of silverware from synagogues from around the country.

The Spanish Synagogue was built after the destruction of the Old Synagogue and in its place. It was designed by Vojtěch Ignác Ullmann and Josef Niklas. It was the seat of the first reformed Jewish community in Prague. She also used organ services. They can still be admired in the building today.

Visitors are admired by the synagogue's decorations, which are preserved in very good condition. Walls in dark colors are covered with golden geometric and plant polychromes. Aron ha Kodesz is painted in navy blue, on which gold points glitter like stars. The synagogue is used for religious purposes. Services are held on Saturdays.

Spanish Synagogue map
Vězeňská 1110 00 Prague , Czechia