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Cruises on the Vltava River

Local name: Plavby na řece Vltavě

Cruise cruises on the Vltava River in Prague allow exploring the city from the perspective of the river, which is the axis of the city and flows near many sights of the Czech capital. Tourists have many operators to organize cruises and many routes depending on the duration of the trip. Meals and drinks are served on ships, often accompanied by live music. Tour routes lead most often from the marina at the Čecha Bridge.

Traveling by boat on the Vltava waters in Prague, a tourist has the opportunity to swim under the Charles Bridge, view Prague Castle and Prague Castle and Little Strana from the perspective of the Vltava River. Cruise routes lead around Strzelce Island, to the National Theater and to Vysehrad.

Among those in love cruises through the so-called Prague Venice, around the romantic island of Kampa, are very popular. By boat, you can also go to the Prague Zoological Garden. During cruises, passengers can enjoy lectures on individual monuments and listen to Prague legends.


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