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Agricultural Museum Farm

Local name: Zemědělské Muzeum zahrada

The National Museum of Agriculture in Prague is devoted to agricultural production, processing and ecology. Exhibitions regarding agricultural machines: tractors and harvesters were organized here. You can learn about the production, transport, recycling and processing of food; tree processing; history and development of agricultural technologies.

The National Museum of Agriculture in Prague was founded in 1918. At that time, collections from the Jubilee Gallery from 1891 were collected here. It has been operating in the current building at Letna Museum since 1939. In the same year, as a result of the outbreak of World War II, his activity was interrupted to resume operations after the war.

In 1950 the building was taken over by the communist authorities and the collection was moved to the Konopiště castle and Kačina castle near Kutná Hora. The National Agricultural Museum changed its locations to finally return to the building at Letna Street. Today, the museum has many branches in the guilds: in Čáslava, Kačina, Ohrada and Valtica.


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