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National Gallery in Prague - Veletržní palác

Local name: Národní Galerie v Praze - Veletržní palác

The National Gallery is one of the largest cultural and exhibition institutions in the Czech Republic. It is located in eight buildings in Prague and in the Palace in Frysztat and the monastery in Zdziarze nad Sazawy. It presents a full cross-section of Czech and foreign art in Czech collections.

The Gallery's collections are divided chronologically and presented in various places in Prague. Medieval art can be admired in Saint Agnieszka's Monastery, a collection of old art is presented in the Sternberg Palace. Works of the Baroque period are shown in the Schwarzenberg Palace and in the monastery of Saint George. Schwarzenberg Palace also hosts collections of drawings and graphics. The works of 19th-century artists can be admired at the Salms Palace, while the latest one has found its place in the original, modernist building of the Fair.

The only compact collection of non-European art from Asia and North Africa was placed in the Kinsky Palace. In addition, exhibition space, mainly for temporary exhibitions, is in the Driving School at Wallenstein Palace.


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