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number 73 in the city

DOX Center of Contemporary Art

Local name: Centrum současného umění DOX

The DOX Center for Contemporary Art in Prague is a multifunctional space in the former factory building. DOX is primarily an exhibition space. Exhibitions devoted to Czech and contemporary art are presented here. Film screenings, open events, interactive workshops and public happenings are also being filmed.

The name DOX comes from the Greek word doxa, which means: belief, opinion, the way of thinking things. Through its programs and activities, the Center for Contemporary Art strives to provoke discussion and reflection on current social issues. The Center focuses on such areas of study as philosophy, sociology, psychology, political science and history.

The DOX Center for Contemporary Art in Prague's Holešovice district also has a bookshop, library with a reading room, a designer shop, a café with terrace and Internet access, and a children's corner. The DOX Center won several plebiscites for the best art gallery in Prague.


Attractions inside

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    Poupětova 1170 00 Prague , Czechia