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Žižkov Television Tower

Local name: Žižkovská televizní věž

The TV tower Žižkov in Prague is a reinforced concrete television tower reaching the height of 216 m. It is the tallest building in Prague. At the height of 66 m was established a restaurant with a cafe, 70 m was formed one hotel room, while at 93 m was placed lookout point with three cabins. Žižkov Tower belongs to the World Federation of Great Towers.

The three pillars of the tower are 134 m high. The main pillar is 6.4 m and the two pylons are 4.8 m. There are two high-speed elevators in the main pillar. The side pillars include cargo lifts and stairs. The foundations of the tower reach 15 m below the ground. Its total weight is 11800 tons.

The Žižkov television tower was built between 1985 and 1992. Alex Bém, Jiří Kozák and Václav Aulický are responsible for the tower project. From the tower the signal emits four terrestrial digital television stations and seven radio stations. There are also mobile base stations, meteorological equipment and environmental monitoring.


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Mahlerovy sady 1130 00 Prague , Czechia