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National Monument at Vítkov

Local name: Národní památník na Vítkově

The monument is the third largest bronze monument in the world. It depicts the figure of Jan Žižky, the Czech national hero. There is also a grave of the Unknown Soldier from the Battle of Zborov and an exhibition about Czech and Czechoslovak statehood, as well as an observation deck on the roof of the main building.

The memorial site on the Vítkov hill was built in 1929 - 1933 according to the design of Jan Zázvorki. During World War II, the building contained a Wehrmacht weapons warehouse, while the monument was destroyed. After the war it was rebuilt. In the years 1954 - 1962, it housed the mausoleum of Klement Gottwald.

The main goal that guided the construction of the National Monument on the Vítkov Hill was to pay tribute to the Czechoslovak legionnaires and the Czechoslovak resistance during World War I. The monument weighs 16.5 tons, measures 9 m high, 9.6 m long, consists of 120 bronze parts and almost 5000 bolts.

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