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Jerusalem Synagogue (Jubilee)

Local name: Jeruzalémská synagoga (Jubilejní)

The Jubilee Synagogue also called Jerusalem in the New Town of Prague is the largest and youngest synagogue in Prague. It is a building built in the Art Nouveau and Moorish styles, with elements of Islamic art. The synagogue's decor consists of richly painted ornaments made in the style of Viennese Art Nouveau.

The Jubilee Synagogue was built in the years 1905 - 1906 according to the design of the architect Wilhelm Stiassny. It was created as a reaction to the demolition of three synagogues in Josefov: Wielkodworska, Nowa and Cikán during the reconstruction of the Jewish quarter in the New Town in Prague.

The architects Alois Richter and Josef Linhart are responsible for the construction design. The name of the Jubilee synagogue comes from the 50th anniversary of the accession of Emperor Franz Josef I to the throne, while the name Jerusalem comes from Jerozolimska street, where the synagogue is located. It is an active temple in which Jewish Orthodox community services are held.


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