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Mucha Museum

Local name: Mucha Muzeum

Alsace Museum in Prague is the only museum in the world dedicated to the life and work of this Czech artist Art Nouveau. The museum is divided into seven divisions: decorative panels; Parisian posters; Decorative documents; Czech Posters; Oil paintings; Drawings and pastels, Photographs and souvenirs, artistic.

Alphonse Mucha Museum opened on February 13, 1998. In the decorative panels section we will find: "Four Art Cycles", "Four Flower Cycles". The Parisian section is devoted to the Parisian stage of the artist's work. Decorative documents show decorative and natural floral motifs on tableware and furniture.

Czech Posters is a section that presents the artist's activities after returning to his homeland. Paintings were devoted to oil painting. Drawings and pastels department drawings, drawings by Alfons Mucha. The Department of Photography and Artistic Memorabilia was devoted to the photographic activity of Mucha and collected memorabilia related to the artist.


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