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Franciscan Garden

Local name: Františkánská zahrada

The Franciscan gardens in Prague are a historic park decorated as a French Baroque garden. Planted, among others, hedges and roses. The park is decorated with sculptures, gate and fountain. In the middle of the park is a square pavilion, which serves as a shop. There is also a playground for children.

The garden was built in 1347 in the neighborhood of the Franciscan monastery and the Carmelite church of Our Lady of the Snow. The garden has been restored several times. During the Baroque period the park was rebuilt as a regular decorative park with a baroque chapel in the center. During World War II the area was occupied by the German occupation troops.

In communist times, the nuns were expelled and in 1950 the garden was opened to the public. Between 1989 and 1992 the Franciscan Gardens were reconstructed. The sculptors are Petr Císařovský - a gate decorated with scenes from the life of Saint. Franz Josef Klimeš - sculpture Christmas and Avenger and Stanislav Hanzík - decoration of the fountain.


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